Most people should download the latest release (presently 0.132) from SourceForge.

Users of various Unices (not Linux) who failed to install the most recent fonts despite all their efforts should try patched release 0.110 (in iso-8859-8 encoding) from SourceForge.

There are also distribution-specific packages which may be better suited for the end user, as their installation is usually simpler.

Distribution Package Maintainer(s)
Debian culmus 0.131-1
culmus-fancy 0.0.20051018-3
Baruch Even
Lior Kaplan
Shachar Shemesh
Tzafrir Cohen
Ubuntu culmus 0.130-1
culmus-fancy 0.0.20051018-3
Gentoo culmus-0.120 (fancy fonts included) Peter Volkov
Arch Linux culmus 0.131-1 Ivan Puntiy
Slackware culmus-0.130-noarch-1ni.tgz Niv Ierushalmi
openSUSE culmus-0.130 Petr Gajdos
Fedora culmus-fonts-0.130-9
Pravin Satpute
OpenBSD culmus-OpenBSD-0.120.tgz Ido Admon

Users of Ivritex with MikTeX for Windows can download the Culmus fonts package for MikTeX 2.8, kindly prepared by Iddo Samet, from his site. It contains the release 0.102 of the fonts.

Users of Ivritex with Unix/Linux can download a package kindly prepared by Yotam Medini from his homepage.

Note: Not all the fonts are available as True Type. Those who need more True Type fonts may use links in the FAQ.